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    OK. Nov 9th. Mom (Mary Jayne) and Marilyn ( Daughter) will have seen you in San Francisco @ Yoshi's, The Grove in Anaheim, with my Brother, (Brian Gaetke) & Cousin Melody, and now "THIS"? My Cocker Spaniel, who is Black with the White bib, will never speak to me again after his 3rd Kenneling. He looks as if to say, "Yah, goin' to see that Chris Mann dude again"! Gotta live life while you can,...

  2. My friend

    Posted Sep 15, 2013 LeAnnaWilcox 0 Comments
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    Your text to link here... I wish I could put into words what I feel, but really that is something just for Chris to know. This just about sums up what I can say though.

  3. Thank You, Chris!

    Posted Jun 20, 2013 Larry 0 Comments
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    My wife and I are today's senior citizens and after watching, many times, your PBS special, we want to tell you how much we appreciate your brand of music. We grew up with all the greats, Sinatra, Sammy Davis, Ella and many more. I feel so sorry for today's youth as they really have no good music but, then you come along. Thank you! I was given your Roads CD for a Father's day gift...

  4. Briana Burgess avatar

    Briana plays your music all the time! she is so happy she won tickets and M&G This will change her life. thanks to who or why she was picked a winner for the concord N.H show and M&G and I think her grandmother will enjoy it too

  5. Suzy! avatar

    Hi Chris: I thoroughly enjoyed your concert on May 17th in Rhode Island. Your music and performance was incredible...beautiful and soulful...And you are funny! Great sense of humor. Bought your ROADS CD but, unfortunately, the lines were too long to meet you and say hello...Enjoying your music at home. I will be also purchasing your DVD "A MAN FOR ALL SEASONS'' on-line. I hope next year...

  6. Joshua avatar

    The show was terrific. Chris was funny, sang superbly, and my wife and I got to meet him as well. I asked and he told us he was counting the days til he got married. I suggested a great song for him to do in the future might be "Here's to The Heroes". He said he was singing at the National Memorial Day celebration and I said "Wow that would have been perfect for you to do then". My wife...

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    For me, a nearly seventeen year old, finding a true admirable person in life other than direct family members was impossible. Nearly all celebrities treated their career with lack of control and abuse of substances. When Chris joined the cast of "The Voice" I was amazed that someone, of his age, could sing with such class and dignity. No auto tune, no lip synching, simply pure vocal talent....

  8. Album Ideas!

    Posted Mar 21, 2013 jaf 1 Comments
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    With a voice and talent like that, theres only one songbook that is his equal.... McCartney/Lennon,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,The Beatles...... amazing songs with an amazing voice.... match made in heaven....... Name the album,,,,, Abbey "Roads"? lol,,,

  9. Thank you Chris

    Posted Mar 15, 2013 SC Girl 0 Comments
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    Hi Chris, Your music is helping me through a most difficult time. I heard ROADS at a time when my husband was diagnosed as Stage 4 cancer. He is now in a hospice home. When I need inspiration, I listen to your ROADS CD. Please know that you not only have a beautiful voice; but also, know that your music is inspirational to those of us who need encouragement. Love your music.

  10. Concert

    Posted Mar 5, 2013 suuziebee 0 Comments
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    Great PBS Concert Chris. Hope everyone gets a chance to see it. I've recorded for future viewing and to show all friends and family

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